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Easy and fast application process

We prepare the application for you (and not just forward you a link to complete the application yourself).

Lower Closing Costs

No Application Fees,  No 3rd Party Processing Fees, No Employment Verification Fees, etc.

In comparison with major banks...

As a mortgage broker, our objective is to find you a lender that is suitable for your particular financial situation. When you work with me, you are not just an account number. There is no call center to "press 1-2-3" to wait for the next available representative to know the status of your loan application. I am available at your convenience, 7 days a week, to discuss the loan options, for rate quotes and to provide fast pre-approvals. 

Most online rate advertisements are based on "best rate scenarios" - 25% down payment, 740+ Credit Scores, 50% Loan to Value, and other accelerated underwriting criterias. In most cases, only a small percentage of the applicants actually qualify for those advertised rates.​ Borrowers often do not realize that the closing cost charges are added to the loan balance amount. A rate that is quoted but not locked is of ZERO value as rates change daily and often multiple times in a day. Most people spend hours shopping rates online, but ​do not understand that ​many online rate quote sites are​ lead ​generation sites​, and your contact information will be forwarded to many call centers and lenders nationwide. 

Compare Rate Quotes - Read the fine print - As the saying "All that glitters, is not Gold" 
Refinance Interest Rates
I self process* most loans. How does that help you?

Loan processors have turn times - 72 hours for new submissions, 48 hours for conditions review, 24 hours to upload documents, etc. When your interest rate is locked every day is important as rate extension is expensive (extensions may cost 0.25 – 0.50 percent of loan amount). Loan processors often work for many loan originators, handling hundreds of files, and there is a high possibility of missing deadlines, if they don't have a proper file review system. Also in many cases, borrower is charged 3rd party processing fees (other than lender underwriting fees). As I self process most loans for my clients, I am the single point of contact throughout the loan process – from application through processing and loan funding. Most importantly, after close of escrow, if you have any transaction related questions, I am still accessible. 

* based on Lender Approval as some lenders mandates using a Processor
Lock a Rate or Wait? - There is no way to predict how the rates will change!

Mortgage customers shop around to find the Lender that quotes the lowest interest rate. But if the interest rate is not locked, that rate quote is of no value. Interest rates change on a daily basis and often multiple times a day. In a mortgage transaction, it is recommended to lock rates immediately because if rate increases it changes your DTI ratios and could affect loan qualification. Additionally, some lenders require that the rates be locked before loan is submitted for underwriting. Rates are always changing, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. By locking you are guaranteed that interest rate at closing, thus you can take the guesswork out of the situation. 

Refinance Loa Rats
Get Loans from 100+ Banks, Direct Lenders, Credit Unions & Investors

As California’s largest wholesale mortgage lender, we can broker with the wholesale division of major banks, as well as smaller banks and investors that are in our network who offer unique loan programs and are competitively priced. We have access to virtually every loan program available in today’s mortgage market. C2 Financial is known for fast closings, competitive rates and great service. Since each loan and client requirements are different, we search over 100 different banks and investors to find a suitable choice. Thus, borrowers can save their time calling around different banks to compare rates.