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C2 Financial Corporation is a mortgage broker providing commercial real estate financing through leading wholesale lenders for multifamily, single-tenant, retail, office, industrial, manufactured housing, and more. Our products include long term fixed, fully amortizing, high leverage up to 90% Loan to Value, full, partial or non-recourse, bank statement loans from our preferred lenders. 

Apartment Buildings 
Commercial Construction
Church Buildings
Gas Station Loans
Motel Buildings
Industrial Property
Medical Office 
Mixed-Use Buildings
Office Buildings

SBA Loans
Retail Stores

Shopping Malls


Nursing Homes


Income Property

Multi-Family Units​

Subprime and Hard Money 
30 year fully amortized
Fix & Flip products
Stated income Loans
Alt Doc (12-24 month bank statements)
Lending to Foreign Nationals 

Stated Income Loans


Business Owners and Self Employed - Stated Income Loans

If you’re a business owner or are self-employed, qualifying for property financing is a difficult process. For most Business Owners due to deductions, depreciation and business expenses - annual tax returns don’t adequately represent their ability to repay. Ask about new loan programs designed for self-employed borrower’s that qualify off your bank deposits from business revenue or use true "stated income" (investment property). These loans don’t require tax returns, pay-stubs, W-2’s, 4506T’s, K-1, 1099 etc if you qualify for the loan.  Stated Income Loans are a great options for borrowers looking to purchase or refinance a residential investment property, but prefer to avoid income documentation or verification. A great advantage is that these loans come with a fixed 30 year term. Please call    818-275-1019 to discuss your specific requirements. 

Foreign National Home Loans


Foreign National Loan Programs

From jumbo, no-tax return & foreign national loans to complex super jumbo loans, we specialize in lending solutions for clients who don’t fit into typical lending categories. America is Investor Friendly and provides complete and Protected Ownership for Foreign Citizens. Hence foreign investment in American real estate has grown dramatically in recent years. Investing in income real estate provides a great opportunity for foreign investors to diversify asset portfolio and to protect against inflation and recessions. Our Foreign National Loan Program makes buying a home in the US easier for non-US citizens. No FICO or international credit report is required. The borrower need not be be US Citizen or Green Card holder. Our Foreign National Loan program offers competitive interest rates and fast closings.  Please call 818-275-1019 to discuss your specific requirements.  

Jumbo High Balance Loans

Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans - Competitive Rates & Fast Closing

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government sponsored enterprises that purchase loans from lenders. These enterprises set qualification standards and limits on loan amounts they are willing to purchase based on county and dwelling type. Loans issued by lenders under these limits are known as "Conforming Loans," because they conform to set standards. A Jumbo loan is a loan that exceeds the conforming loan limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We offer a variety of programs including fixed, adjustable and interest only loans, etc. Our Jumbo Loan Rates are Low and are closing in weeks not in months like the big banks. For a rate quote, please call 818-275-1019 to discuss your specific requirements.  


Portfolio, Non QM, Blanket Loans


Portfolio / Non QM / Sub Prime / Blanket Loans 

Portfolio Loans are loans that do not meet the credit requirements of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Portfolio Loan Loan is designed for borrowers who cannot qualify for a conventional mortgage. Another reason is to purchase a property that need a lot of repair or complex or home owners association does not meet conventional or FHA property guidelines. These loans are very popular with real estate investors purchasing multiple properties at once in good and poor condition. We have access to many portfolio loans available in the marketplace today. These lenders are called portfolio lenders, because they originate loans for their own portfolio, and don’t sell them to the secondary market. For more details or rate quotes, please call 818-275-1019

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